Untitled, 2022




Unique work 1/1
Dimensions of the framed work
76 cm x 106 cm x 4 cm
Art embroidery on canvas with vintage motifs
481 695 embroidery stitches
Work signed by hand by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity

Artist VANGART David De La Mano

Jace is the author of the gouzous, small orange and faceless characters sometimes accompanied by a cow that can be found in the streets of cities and on the side of roads since 1992. Specialized in the hijacking of advertising posters, he has exhibited his works in the four corners of Reunion Island and the world on several occasions since 1996. He has also published several books in which one can find photographs of his work in the field. The quality of his work has earned him several publications in various international magazines.

It has been seen in about thirty countries and territories: Reunion Island, France (Paris, Le Havre, Rouen, Montpellier, Marseille...), Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, South Africa, Botswana, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Macao, Japan, United States, Brazil, Portugal, England, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, India, Holland, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Corsica, Croatia, Denmark, etc

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