Headache, 2022

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"The little spirits help me in the creation. Identities from elsewhere to create one of the raw and emotionally filled works. These little ones are in me, in you, in us, like an awareness of the right path to take." Jazzu

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Unique work
Dimensions of the framed work
L.106 cm x 106 cm x 4 cm (framed)
Embroidery VANGART
Work signed by hand by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity


Executes painted and drawn works. All ordered by the gesture according to the uses of the neo-expressionism. These forms condemned to perpetual action, assigned to the will of their author to make their states dance. Of soul, of being, of thought. One perceives then all the flesh of the bodies and the words like mantras. They insist. To say and to show. In this pantomime the rhythm is sustained, the techniques multiple and the will powerful. A gallery of the here and now carried away by an almost always wild energy topped by a wisdom that seems to say: everything will be fine in the end.