Encrypted Alien Data, 2021

Limited edition of 20 pieces


(framing included)

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Size: 46 cm x 46 cm (framed)

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Confirmed Artist
It was in the subway in 1988 that he experienced his first pictorial shock when he discovered the graffiti decorating corridors and carriages.
Quelques years later, in 1995, he puts his first tags and very quickly develops a passion for aerosol painting. He joins several collectives, paints in many wastelands and puts his signature where he likes. His need to create quickly pushes him to not limit himself to ephemeral street creations. During 2002, he paints his first canvases. After several years of graffiti practice, he became interested in the art of calligraphy and decided to merge these figures of the most classic styles with "Graffiti Art". His inspirations are multiple and part of his work also aims to revisit cubism or futurism in order to give us his contemporary vision of these movements.

En stock

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Print run

Work numbered and limited to 20 copies


Canvas stretched on frame


46 x 46 cm


Work hand signed by the artist and stamped by VANGART


Sold with certificate of authenticity and possible NFT certification


American black satin box

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