El Murciélago Morshiadi, 2022

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Unique work
Dimensions of the framed work
L.52 cm x 156 cm x 4 cm
Embroidery VANGART
Work signed by hand by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity

Noty Aroz

At the crossroads of street-art and playful art, Noty Aroz is a duo of artists from the Paris area who have been friends since childhood. Together, they share their passion for drawing. At the dawn of their 12th year, during an artistic stroll, the pair crossed paths with a former adventurer, sociologist and anthropologist whom they established as their mentor. For years, the professor teaches them about the foundations of fictional syncretism and socio-theological theories based on a new emerging religion, the "Mythologeny" (the current fact that some people have an unbounded veneration for fictions or traditional beliefs, anchored in reality and no longer in the past). The professor christens these two young men "Noty Aroz", a graphic anagram that is conducive to preaching the good word. Aroz studies history while Noty studies screenwriting. Playing the roles of two contemporary apostles and their prophet, after having nourished themselves with intellectual knowledge, the duo experiments with a process to predict new religious icons, the "Mythologeny". A protean practice that combines geek culture with a sacred character. Under their features, the Mythology of the Y generation hatches. Even their supports support the idea of a hybridization between sacred/real, since the use of the 3D stencil confronts a noble and sacred object with a popular tool. The background is mixed with the form with dexterity, as well for their stencils, sculptures or wild posters. The computer tool is bypassed since their creations are based on an exclusively artisanal work. The graphic creations of Noty Aroz are the fruit of a meticulous and thorough work of analysis where each symbol raises a reflection and a retranscription. The characters come out of fiction to be rooted in reality. The sacred interferes in a real heavy with meaning. Noty Aroz exhibits internationally and in a recurring manner, from Rome to Lisbon, passing through Ho Chi Minh or Paris, their success is dazzling.