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Brandz, 2021

Limited edition of 30 copies


(framing included)
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24 in stock

Size: 46 cm x 36 cm (framed)

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Setting the scene


Confirmed Artist
Vision was born in 1971 in Pantin and grew up in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. In 1983, he was 12 years old and like many teenagers of his age he did not escape the hiphop wave that invaded France. After tagging for a few months without really understanding the meaning of it, he realized in 1986 his first graffiti and founded the group "Purple Kidz" in reference to a famous song of Prince. In the 90's, he made the Ile-de-France region see all the colours with his group OutlawCrew. Acknowledged artist of international graffiti, his name will mark the spirit of a whole generation of Writers as he painted and wrote it. Self-taught, he also turned to painting on canvas since 1990, with a daily workshop work since 2001. He participates in many festivals, solo and collective exhibitions in Paris, in the provinces and abroad. Today recognized for his work on canvas as on wall Vision is part of the most prolific writers. He celebrates in 2021 his 35 years of graffiti and does not seem ready to stop.

24 in stock

About this photograph



Print run

Work numbered and limited to 30 copies


Canvas stretched on frame


46 x 36 cm


Work hand signed by the artist and stamped by VANGART


Sold with certificate of authenticity and possible NFT certification


American black satin box

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