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ART Embroiderer

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Discover 'Infinity' by Portuguese artist Helio Bray

Vangart x Helio Bray

In perpetual mutation in his art and his career, Hélio Bray has invested in a large number of projects. His work in the field of fashion has led to the creation of his own brand of urban clothing. His brand offers customisation and personalisation of various objects. Known for his unique style, he regularly works with famous urban clothing companies such as Adidas, QuickSilver, Vans, etc.

In addition to his many partnerships and solo exhibitions around the world, the versatile artist continues to be involved in a wide range of projects.

Hélio Bray's universe is defined by the way he expresses his feelings and emotions through his art. He always tries to create new styles and mix colours. He defines himself by strict lines that are integrated on a much more nuanced and complex background. The lines embody the norms, responsibilities and all sorts of constraints that inhabit us. A way for the artist to share the world as he sees it. Pop culture and his interest in fashion are also reflected in his work

The collaboration in detail

Art embroidery by the artist Laser 3.14 made in the Lyon workshop of the textile gallery VANGART.
Macro photography of the art embroidery made by the publishing house VANGART in collaboration with the artist Laser 3.14

On display

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A unique universe

Graffiti artist in constant evolution, Hélio Bray chooses the embroidery of art to diversify his technique.

Sabrina Beretta

Sabrina Beretta is a French painter and illustrator who offers her vision of (de)construction, duality, paradox and metamorphosis. A graphic approach refocused on the healing of two states, a story that reveals both a façade and multiple facets. The representation of the butterfly is recurrent in Sabrina's work, it evokes transformation, but also rebirth and freedom. Fascinated by the idea that "a small incident can have big impacts", and that "with a single flap of the wings, everything can fly apart", the concept of the butterfly effect gives her inspiration for many works.

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