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Tango, 2021

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Tango, 2021

Œuvre brodée – 78 189 points
Signée à la main par l’artiste
L.46 cm x H.46 cm

Edition limitée à 15 exemplaires


encadrement compris*

*Possibilité de paiement en 3 fois sans frais

15 en stock




D.Largo is a visual artist based in Spain.

Its origins were in the street painting graffiti and studying mathematics.

While studying engineering at the university he escaped every day to be able to paint on the street, over time his interests in artistic matters expanded until he came to use the spray and technical drawing to create colorful compositions in perspective, seeking to unite geometry with organic and figurative with the abstract. His surrealist painting invites us to enter a world where softness and harmony reign. 

My work currently talks about the subconscious, the relationship between ourselves and the world that surrounds us and everything that makes us who we are. Today I work surrounded by great artists from which I nurture myself and learn.”

My goal at the moment is to take my work to all possible spheres of life, be it pictorial work, sculpture, 3D, clothing, accessories, interior design and so on”.

A propos de l’oeuvre




Œuvre numérotée et limitée à 15 exemplaires


Toile tendue sur châssis


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Œuvre signée à la main par l’artiste et estampillée par VANGART


Vendue avec certificat d’authenticité et certification NFT


Caisse américaine noire satinée

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