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How does NFT certification work?

What is an NFT and what is it used for?

A NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital file unique encryptedincluding a property right. It establishes a unbreakable link between thephysical work and a unique owner through a blockchain, which is a network of computer servers that validates and performs digital transactions (Ethereum ERC20).

An NFT contains all the information related to the certification of a work: name of the work, name of the artist, number of prints, size, medium, etc.

It serves both as title of ownership as well as a certificate of authenticity and as such, it replaces the physical certificate of authenticity.

Since a physical certificate of authenticity can only be identified by the people who issued it or by experts, in the case of NFTs, all the links in the chain (artist, collector, gallery, public, expert, etc.) can verify the authenticity of this certificate in the blockchain. 

The art market relies on three pillars to value a work: rarity, provenance, and authenticity. With NFTs, the source of the information is totally reliable and the information itself is certain.

How to benefit from NFT certification?

When you purchase a VANGART work of art, you have the option of requesting that it be certified by NFT technology

If you have a wallet (digital wallet), we transfer you the NFT associated with your acquisition in the 48h following your purchase. If you do not have a wallet, we preserve your NFT free of charge in the VANGART wallet for one year as from the day of purchase.

You can retrieve this NFT at any time by filling in this form.

See an example of NFT

    Do you only want to buy the NFT?

    With NFT technology, you no longer have to receive the physical artwork at the time of purchase. This removes the need to worry about protecting the artwork from theft or damage. 

    Thus, you can choose to receive only the NFT linked to the work you have just acquired, without receiving the work physically. The physical work is then preserved by VANGART.

    This gives you the opportunity to resell the NFT on the crypto-currency market, without worrying about its physical version. As the blockchain is a transparent record of transactions made, it protects the integrity of the NFT and in fact transactions are secure and simplified as they are entirely digital.

    You may at any time receive the physical version associated with your NFT by entering its identification number in this form.