Three Points, 2022


In stock

In stock

Print run
Limited edition of 8 copies
Dimensions of the framed work
36 cm x 46 cm x 4 cm
Art embroidery on linen canvas
117,428 embroidery stitches
Works signed by hand by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Artist VANGART Veks

Bruce, born in 1977 in the Paris region, belongs to the second generation of graffiti artists. He took his first steps in tagging in 1993, and painted his first trains in 1995: whole cars, end to end, panels and other figures of style swept through the Parisian metro and Europe. He is known for the originality of his style, simple and with great impact, and for his numerous collaborations with the artist Mina for their unique colorful and humorous graffiti that usually relate to various cultural topics. Their pieces are marked by precise lines and effective simplicity and they brilliantly combine figurative and abstract elements. Bruce lives and works between Paris and Berlin.

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