Stupid bubbles, 2023


"He doesn't know how to love, he's clumsy, but RATFACE travels in search of love".

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Print run

Limited edition of 30.

Dimensions of the framed work

L. 53 cm x H. 53 cm x 4 cm


VANGART embroidery 6 colors, 570,010 stitches. Made in Lyon, France.


Hand-signed on the back by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity.

Ryuji Kamiyama

Kamiyama was born in Tokyo in 1972. When he was at elementary school, the black-and-white composition and expression of Picasso's Guernica had a considerable impact on him.

His frequent use of neon colors stems from his own experience as a child of the sensual atmosphere of Kabukicho in Shinjuku in the 1980s, which he perceived in fluorescent hues. He started listening to punk and hard core music as a schoolboy, because of his brother, and discovered skateboarding when he saw it on a record cover in college. After that, he became passionate about the activity and started going out every night to skateboard.

The friends he met during this period became a valuable asset to him and his career. In 1991, Kamiyama began screen-printing T-shirts as a means of artistic expression. This business then evolved into a national brand, FAMOUZ, in 1993. He created all the graphics for the brand's products, which achieved great popularity as part of the "Ura-Harajuku" movement in Tokyo in the 1990s.

When the brand celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2003, Kamiyama put an end to it to concentrate more on his career as an artist. That same year, his first solo exhibition "NEWARD" took place at the Nakameguro depot in Tokyo, followed by another solo exhibition "TURD" at the FIFTY 24SF GALLERY in California, USA, and a group show in Los Angeles in 2004. Since then, he has been active worldwide, organizing a group show in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005, as well as several solo exhibitions in Japan. He uses a wide range of tools to create his work, from spray paint to brushes to silk screens, optimizing his open-mindedness. A wall in his studio is considered his source of inspiration, as he is accustomed to drawing preliminary sketches there for ideas.

Kamiyama offers work in collaboration with various companies. UNITED ARROWS, BEAMS, FREAKS STORE, JOURNAL STANDARDS, adidas ORIGINALS, bern, STRIDER, lesque skatebords, NIXON, GRAVIS, etc. In addition, while being a member of the outdoor theme, he goes out into nature himself. He formed an art group "ULTRA HEAVY" with fashion stylist Akira Ishikawa and illustrator/art director Jerry Ukai. He now runs a clothing brand bearing his name.

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