Stop & Search, 2021


(framing included)
Dimensions de l’œuvre : 46 cm x 56 cm

Limited edition of 15 pieces

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Technical details
  • Techniques used: Embroidery
  • Edition : Limited edition of 15 copies
  • Support : Cotton fabric stretched on a frame
  • Dimensions: H.46 cm x W.56 cm
  • Signature : Work signed by hand by the artist on the back and stamped by VANGART
  • Authentication: Sold with certificate of authenticity and possible NFT certification
  • Framing: American black varnished wood box
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United Kingdom

TRUST. iCON is a street artist from Thamesmead, South East London. An area of brutalist concrete public housing, made famous for being the setting for Stanley Kubrick's 1971 cult film, Clockwork Orange. iCON started creating at a very early age, but only emerged on the street art scene a few years ago, after the 2011 London riots. iCON believed that while there were positive messages in the world, these messages were not reaching the young people who needed to see them the most, and this is where his work began. Inspired by both cartoons and reality, iCON now delivers these messages through his socially responsible street art. He combines a unique blend of controversy and humour that ensures you always have "a spoonful of sugar to help pass the medicine". Active on the streets of London, Berlin and Los Angeles, his unique style has earned him critical acclaim for his thought provoking work. The identity of iCON remains unknown.

Street art is the unedited and uncensored voice of the people. But now that it is commercially viable, what was once a whisper has become an angry roar! Never underestimate its power, it is capable of inspiring a single thought or an entire generation."

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