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Sacred Sutures, 2022

7 000,00 

In the elaboration of this work, we understand that Veks wonders about life and its potential afterwards. Through a game of patterns and drawings, he likes to make mysterious everything that inspires him. He plays with the tensions of the beautiful, the less beautiful and even the monstrous. The work of Veks in collaboration with VANGART resonates with a part of the History of Art often put aside. This reinterpretation of codes dating back several centuries allows us to ask universal questions, previously raised by the vanities What happens after death?

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Unique work 1/1
Dimensions of the framed work
126 cm x 96 cm x 4 cm
Art embroidery on burgundy cotton canvas
1,702 109 stitches
Work signed by hand by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity

Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Embroidered work VANGART Veks
Artist VANGART Veks

Born in 1988, Veks Van Hillik is an artist largely rooted in the Lowbrow movement in France. The lowbrow reappropriates the codes resulting from the popular media such as the comicscomics, the advertisingadvertising, the graffitithe cartoon and everything that is not considered as belonging to the world of classical "fine arts". This movement is considered part of the pop surrealist". Veks has always drawn, inspired by the fauna and flora that surround him, which have become the main subject of his works. Tattoo artist, painter and street artist, this gifted artist is rightly considered a genius of the discipline. Whether they are oil on wood or spray paint on a huge wall, his works are distinguished by the surrealist touch of the artist who is inspired as much by the works of the illustrator Gustave Doré (from the 19th century, Perrault's Tales, La Fontaine's Fables...), Caravaggio, Ingres, Dali or André Breton's texts. Like most artists of his generation, Veks Van Hillik draws many of his graphic references from the world of pop culture, video games or comics. From Rome to Brooklyn, or from Grenoble to Melbourne, Veks leaves his mark on the walls of cities, galleries and on the skin of his admirers.

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