Les Travailleurs de la Nuit, 2021

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(framing included)

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Size: 36 cm x 46 cm (framed)

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Born in Brussels, Pablo Sozyone Gonzalez has been working on line, form and rhythm for more than 30 years.

Coming from a proud and modest Asturian family, fleeing Franco's Spain, but with the joie de vivre and bestial humour of a noisy pack, Pablo soon feels free to think and do what he wants, where he wants, in his city, Brussels. In 1988, at the age of 15, he meets Smimooz, his faithful artistic partner, on the benches of St Luc, where he discovers, integrates the techniques of the great masters and becomes passionate about the History of Art. Together they will start tagging anything and everything, signing his artistic avatar: Sozyone, while writing the first texts and rhymes of the group De Puta Madre. Within a few years, Sozyone became a reference throughout the Kingdom, for his music, lyrics and paintings.

Currently Sozyone is working in a studio and in a team, preparing an exhibition of new works in Hamburg (GOLDEN HANDS Gallery). Constantly searching for new forms and new media, he works with steel, sculpts clay, empties bombs, tears paper and tries his hand at virtual reality in order to respond to visions that no longer have technical limits.

Sold out

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Print run

Work numbered and limited to 9 copies


Canvas stretched on frame


36 x 46 cm


Work hand signed by the artist and stamped by VANGART


Sold with certificate of authenticity and possible NFT certification


American black satin box

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