Golden Duel, 2022




Oeuvre unique 1/1
Dimensions de l’œuvre encadrée
106 cm x 106 cm x 4 cm
Broderie d’art sur toile en coton noir
159 809 points de broderie
Œuvre signée à la main par l’artiste et vendue avec certificat d’authenticité

Oeuvre brodée VANGART Goddog
Oeuvre brodée VANGART Goddog
Oeuvre brodée VANGART Goddog
Artiste VANGART Goddog

Goddog's universe is situated on the borders of urban art, abstraction and free figuration. From large-scale frescoes to gallery canvases, lines and shapes reveal imaginary geometric worlds where landscapes, faces and symbols are hidden. The repetition of emblematic canvases in his works, by their recurrence, makes them look like contemporary totems. Without any mystical will, Goddog's work is full of symbolic, ethnic and dreamlike evocations.

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