Flower Crown, 2023


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Print run

Limited edition of 15.

Dimensions of the framed work

L. 44 cm x H. 44 cm x 4 cm


12-color VANGART embroidery on imitation leather, 156,614 stitches. Produced in Lyon, France.


Works hand-signed by the artist and sold with certificate of authenticity



Born in Tokyo in 1991, Ayairo creates a series of works depicting children running through a satoyama rich in nature. She draws inspiration from the local landscapes she has known since childhood to explore the interactions between nature and human beings. Through her art, she depicts the places she knew as a child as a real experience, using the original landscape of her native Tokyo as a model. By choosing the simple theme of satoyama, she expresses the fragmentary memories of her childhood discoveries and the various illusory expressions of nature in the form of psychedelic images. She has developed a nostalgic pop universe that fuses nostalgia and novelty, depicting nostalgic scenes with simple elements and bright colors.

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