The knowledge of the house VANGART

Self-taught, VANGART began his career at the age of 20 by embroidering sweaters. His requirement and his creativity guide his know-how towards the world of street art. This is how the collector was born, and today his passion shines through his discoveries.


For more than 3 years, VANGART has been organizing events in Lyon with a passionate, audacious and creative selection of contemporary artists.

Through his exhibitions, his values and his vision of art, particularly street art, he proposes a new approach to contemporary art. He dares to mix the works of the greatest street art and contemporary artists with an ancestral know-how of weaving.

With a rigorous and ultra-creative DNA, VANGART shares with its customers a passionate adventure. Its collections are elegant and precise.

A new medium for artists and art collectors, VANGART proposes a new art, which combines two generations of know-how: contemporary art and art crafts.